Maad abu-ghazalah

Maad is the Founder and Executive Director of Daily Hugz. He is a long-term entrepreneur in Silicon Valley, California. He is a graduate of Notre Dame University, where he obtained a degree in mathematics. He has a Master’s in computer science from the University of Virginia and  law degree from Santa Clara University. More details about Maad can be seen in the History page of this site.

Osama and Sham.jpg

Osama hamadneh

Osama is the Facilities and Operations Manager for the Daily Hugz sanctuary. A native of Asira, Osama was critical in finding the land and getting Daily Hugz built. He is also a neighboring landowner in the village.


Abu Ayman Hamadneh

Abu Ayman is the Garden and Animal Keeper for Daily Hugz. He spends most of his days at the sanctuary, taking care of the animals, feeding them and maintaining the grounds and facilities.

Daily hugz also appreciates the many others who have helped us in ways both large and small