Some of the resources we provide

Animal Assisted interaction 


Research has shown that playing with animals is even more beneficial to children with social disorders than other forms of therapy, such as reading or playing in a group,  We have a large shelter and pen for housing animals such as donkeys, sheep and chicken.  The lower section of the grounds (approximately 1/4 acre) is dedicated to a child/animal interaction zone.



Aquatic therapy


Swimming can play a primary role in enhancing the quality of life and productivity of a child with Autism.  We have built a 30' x 12' pool providing the children with a soothing and enjoyable environment which also can improve their physical fitness.


Dance / creative expression therapy

Dance/movement therapy provides a unique capacity to work directly with the core deficits of autism, i.e. the ability of expression.  We have built a stage with an amphitheater with 150-seating capacity for children to be able to use dance, theater and other forms of creative expression.