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Fundraising Campaign for Daily Hugz Minibus

In addition to our ongoing needs for animal care and rescue, we are looking to donors to support our children’s programs. We need a minibus to bring children to Daily Hugz from around the Nablus region, which is about 100 square miles and has a population of about 150,000. There is no public transportation to the village of Asira nor from the village of Asira to the Hugz sanctuary out in the olive groves outside the village. Most of the local residents will have at most one car per family and it would be used by the breadwinner during the day. The schools do not have buses, either. Any time a school wants to run a field trip, the children’s families must contribute in order to pay for a bus for the outing. Daily Hugz wants to use its own minibus to bring kids from the kindergarten and special needs classes on a weekly basis instead of just on special occasions. For the special needs kids, we will continue to collaborate with the local university’s child development center to create an animal-centered curriculum. A used 19 seat minibus costs $15,000.

kids at hugz amphitheater.jpg